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Monkify says

I have all of the ” A State Of Trance ” Podcasts. Literally, all of them! So, I just put them on shuffle! Last but not least, Radio21. A local dance radio in our country. But to be honest, i’d rather watch a movie. Works much better with my head. :P

What kind of movie?

Sometimes I watch movies too. Yesterday, for instance, I watched a Discovery Channel’s documentary, it was “Next World” episode. Really inspiring. :P

Well mate, to be honest. It doesn’t matter. I usually just let them play on the second screen and ignore them completely. Mostly need to see it two or three times to get what’s happening. But it’s far better than just working without anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly love coding and my job, but sometimes, it’s mind wrecking! So a movie in the background, some good music in the background, anything to wonder off to for a minute or two from time to time is more than welcome! I work more efficiently this way, I’m not stressed when working, and my work quality is greatly improved in the end! :D

Wow! When I’m working, I can’t leave from my keyboard. It seems that I loose my inspiration/concentration. I don’t know. I’m looking for something to help me to study/work better – but it is hard.

By the way, do you have an idea to help me?

My suggestion would be to make your workspace into only for working. If you go into a space that you only ever work at and nothing else, you’re more prone to working. So it helps by eliminating distractions whenever you want to work.

I’d also get in the habit of making daily goals and a strict routine if you really find it hard to focus. That way you’ve got a concrete plan in mind of what needs done for the day and you’re a lot more likely to get it done.

Music or anything else really doesn’t have much to do with it. Certain things can just make it more enjoyable while you do it.

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KevinCon says

Pandora – Jack Johnson radio. :D

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Ivor Reviewer says

Dream Theater!

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imaginem says

I’ve been listening to soundtracks of movie ‘Rise of the planet of the apes’ , specially ‘Off you Go’ music piece.

The usual list includes Tool, Audioslave, Radiohead, Dylan, Beatles, Bach, Edith Piaf (I don’t understand french but this is beautiful) , Mozart, Beethoven

And can’t leave this out. ( rainymood.com ) Nothing beats the sound of rain while working. :)

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fawn says

I make a different playlist every day. Always depends on what mood i’m in. It’s usually quite an odd mix. :) this was yesterdays one…