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dtbaker Moderator says

Best adventure here was a caravan trip around Australia: http://travelaroundthecountry.com (beware – crappy website!)

appeared in the ‘featured workspace’ series:

Cannot wait to head off again.

So I’m currently working remotely for Envato and have been in Guatemala for almost 2 weeks now. It’s an incredible country with lots of exciting things to do – caving with candles, jumping into rushing rivers, hiking etc..

answering support tickets while hiking = skillz!

watch out for giant sinkholes in Guatemala!

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abhishek12qpathak says

In my childhood i and my friends used to plays cricket near by river, there was a forest, we generally go for a walk in forest, one day we saw that a tiger was drinking water at the other side of the river, it was very frightening for us because the place where tiger was drinking water it was near by our waking aria. It was the most adventures incidence of my life.

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EvgenyEmelyanov says

Today I passed all the math exams, it was very good Adventure.

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Muko says

I’m so glad you enjoyed my country, there are many places where you can live a good adventure :bigsmile:

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digitalscience says

Did a camping trip a couple years ago at Moremi Game Reserve – Botswana (Southern Africa).. it’s different to normal camping sites, because there are no fences protecting you from wild animals, which means you can’t walk around at night beyond your camping area. You can’t swim in the river either because of the crocodiles (there have been stories of tourists not following this rule and ‘dissappearing’). If you want to use the bathroom you have to drive about 20 meters mainly because lions like to sleep in the shade near the bathrooms, and you have to sleep in tents on the roof of your off-road vehicles. Highlights included a herd of elephants that walked past our campsite within 2 meters. At night Hyenas would come forage through our campsite, looking for left overs from dinner and would knock over pots and pans – one hyena ate half of our cooler box, this was all happening while we watched from our roof top tents with torches. And also we heard a Leopard growling near by at night, apparently one was spotted early morning by other campers. Scarey but fun :D

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joiaco says

@joiaco – that sounds like a scene from a movie, how incredible. Do you still live in Africa? @DizCow – I’ve been to Barcelona once before and it is an incredible city. My favourite place in Spain was Granada though, the Alhambra is hard to beat. :)
Yes Carmen, I live right down on Africa’s southern coast now, a tourist haven called Knysna. Have a look on googleEarth to see what a paradise it is! Adventures here are walking with forest elephants and cheetahs, riding ostriches, sailing on the lagoon and chasing baboons out of our veggie patch :)
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smudgethis says

Me and the Missus went around South East Asia for three months and it was AWESOME!!! Cambodia was absolutely incredible if a little wet. When it rains it really rains!

We got abandoned in the middle of nowhere at one point when our coach broke down but were rescued by the UN. (Well we hitched a ride with a passing UN truck). Not quite sure what we would have done had they not gone past.

http://vimeo.com/34926883 This is just one of the videos we recorded whilst on the trip, the whole trip can be seen here https://vimeo.com/channels/harinezumingmylife and has some videos of our time when we lived in Tunisia. That was also fun, especially when the Arab Spring kicked off (yes we were living in Tunis at that point).

I remember one night in particular which we spent under our table with all the doors locked, windows and shutters bolted, gunfire and helicopters were all around and all we had in the fridge was a packet of ham and two bottles of champagne we were saving for New Years. We got pretty hammered that night.

Fun times! But in the wise words of my father…

”...have a good time or a bad time, but never a boring time.”

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GrizzleFX says

I like to go explore abandoned mines! Here are some pictures from my various excursions:

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Carmen says

Wow! You guys are an incredibly adventurous bunch. @GrizzleFX – Exploring abandoned Mines? Wow, that must be pretty cool, but also dangerous?

@Jess and dtbaker – I’m jealous of you both, although I’ve been camping around country Victoria and along the East coast (from Melbourne to Cairns) I’ve never been to the desert or into central Australia. I think there are more tourists who come to Australia that have seen more than I have!

EDIT: I was just writing replies to all of you and they deleted! DAMN. The general sentiment was – WOW, you guys have done some cool S**t and I’m impressed (if a little jealous). Keep the photos coming, I’ll make sure to upload some too. :)

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KingDog Envato team says

2 years back I spent two months in Japan, after dropping by the Melbourne office :)

I wanted to photograph the cherry blossom season and spend an extended time in a foreign country. It was awesome experiencing a new culture and way of life and I definitely plan on doing it again.

A few days after we got there Japan was struck by the Great East Earthquake and terrible tsunami. While we were a long way from the epicentre it was a strange experience being that it was my first earthquake experience ever. Sitting in my apartment and trying to get my head around what was happening while watching news reports in a language I only know a few words of was very difficult. Fortunately Twitter was an amazing resource that blew CNN out of the water for being informing and helpful.

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