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ToivoMedia says

Hello people of the river!

I want to ask some advice from the great creatives out there. It’s a bit vague, but basically I’m feeling I lack focus with where I’m going. Basically my only real creative job experience was working at a games company doing 2d and 3d art for a year. Didn’t really fill my portfolio with awesome stuff. After that I gave up on 3d and focused on 2d design, since I want to focus at getting good in one area. Now I’ve done the odd freelance job and a bunch of stuff on graphic river. So if you take a look at [Link removed by Mod] you can see what my strengths are, if any :) So what would you do next with these skills?

I would appreciate any advice you want to give me. Just try to go easy on the “you suck” or “just give up now.” :)


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PatrikL Envato team says

Hi Martin,

I’m sorry but I had to remove the link to your portfolio due to self-promotion. Link to your website from your own profile instead, this way we avoid self-promotion on the forums.