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||+521181|pinkzebra said-|| Very nicely said, Russell. Next career: motivational speaker. :)

thank you lol.not sure what kind of motivational speaker i would be.i certainly lack the kind of motivation i need to direct inwards to myself but if i could take it on minus the corny cliches, id def love to do it lol

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Thank you all for many really inspiring posts so far. :)

I am surprised how much AJ makes me experiment with different styles of music. Never would have thought I would ever write a “Newsflash Logo”, but a few weeks ago I was fumbling around with the Alchemy Player and suddenly there was it: my first logo ever – and it was both fun AND a challenge and it really took some work to finish that “little jewel”. And the best part: it sold already once shortly after I uploaded it. So that little episode really showed me some of the awesome potential of Audiojungle. :smitten:

For now, I really enjoy experimenting with many genres and I’m curious what will come out of it. And of course, the question “will it sell ?” pops up still too many times. :impatient:

I personally believe that as long as the fun is there and I still love listening to my own uploads, no matter if they sell or not, my music sends out the right message and it will eventually reach the people who will like it and are happy to use it.

If I ever find me forcing myself to do a “Happy Clappy Song” against my will and feeling, I’ll know I took a wrong turn. :depressed:

Thanks again and good luck and good sales to you all :)

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Marketing point:

I tend to buy tracks that are used in AE projects that I buy over at videohive.

I think a good strategy might be to build a relationship up with AE project makers on bespoke music and network that way. You and your AE partner can quality control eachother’s work, and you can build up a steady income that way, people who hear your music, will buy it or recommend it to others.

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Great idea, ehre

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, MikS Music

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@Alkis: Thanks for the nice comments. :)

I think Tim and Jhunger have done a great job with having an identifiable “voice” on AJ. It has surely helped them market to and maintain customers.

One thing that Tim has done exceptionally well, in my opinion, is in the way he has established a personal relationship with his customers. His smiling photos are prominently displayed, his likeable demeanor is demonstrated through his songs and his video messages. From reading his posts here, I imagine that he receives many glowing emails from customers and fans who like his music and him. That’s a pretty great combination. I don’t think this helps initial sales, but I think this works hugely to his advantage with retaining customers. Don’t all businesses strive to make a personal/emotional connection with its customers?

This type of relationship to the customer base is much harder to pull off for authors like myself who put up a wall between their AJ persona and their real-life identities. Personally, I need to separate my royalty-free life from my custom music and recording artist career (where my music sounds nothing at all like my AJ portfolio). Artists like me are at a bit of a disadvantage in this regard but there are probably many authors in a similar situation.

Finding and succeeding at a niche I think is a very solid approach. It is certainly not an easy or clear path but if you find something that is working it makes sense to develop and explore that angle.

Totally true. People always buy cause they like you as well!

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