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MonikaM says

First, thanks to all who made an effort to comment on my behalf, especially to dekurvajo. I really appreciate that someone is willing to give his effort and time for others. :)

Dzinc, I completely understand your part here and I fully accept your explanation on this. Eventhough some keywords were deleted, my point wasn’t lost, so that is okay. About the flagging… I do hope that any abuse of the system is in fact detected and sanctioned.

Regarding my previous posts, I admit, I wasn’t exactly thoughtful. Sometimes it’s just so hard to stay cool and speak on general. The thing is, the level of inconsistency and unfair treatment is lately so high, that one can simply get into an unpleasant mode. Quality issues and inconsistent prices are just two of so many issues here.

I know things are never just black or white. I can imagine that reviewing is not an easy task, so I wouldn’t solely blame reviewers here. Probably the reviewing system isn’t exactly as optimized as it should be. Also, I actually don’t mind if people submit simple stuff to this marketplace, but such items should be priced accordingly. On the other hand, this marketplace should never be a place for low quality items.

Just one more thought… Whenever we talk about old and new authors, we often like to equal old authors with quality and new authors with the opposite. I think that is not quite fair. There have always been some subpar items on GR, the difference now is only in the increased quantity of those.