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In general: I like the general idea, but there is some issues with spacing and typography, specially the header: the color is bad.

Good luck with the changes!

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Hello, the main problem is not in lack of uniqueness. The problem is that you tried to design the template based on “fanciness” and “coolness” rather on rationalism. Your work is a classic case of knowing nothing about famous postulate ‘Don’t Make Me Think’. Let’s take your main navigation menu. Why icons? What does box icon mean? Hovering over gives an explanation but what is the reason to force an user to make that extra movement with his hand and mouse? Why wording was replaced with icons, what was the rational reason for it? Box icon in many websites symbolizes Download. It is not ultimate meaning but users are more or less quite habitual to that meaning. Your box icon suddenly means a Wishlist. There is big confusion about the use of icons instead of wording in general and in use of wrong icons in particular. What about disabled people and people who will want to translate a site into their local language? How your iconized navigation menu will allow a user to feel comfortably in your site? Another question: template is claimed naturally responsive. How mobile user will hover over tiny icons in order to understand what do they mean? (I do not see upon resizing a window that navigation transforms into more usable shape).

Same with Categories. What does indicate Categories should be clicked rather than hovered over? What does running person icon mean? How the icon is related to the list of categories and why every time an user wanting to browse categories should click again and again this panel instead of having it open and accessible?

There are yet a lot of similar questions–huge useless slider with unselectable text and buttons, broken hierarchy, etc, etc, etc, not mentioning a technical quality aspect–open your template in Opera, see what happens.

I wish you good luck in further work, however really titanic work is ahead of you, you need to consider that fact.

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1. footer Needs to improve 2. Footer head : about and tweets needs to improve

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THANK YOU ALL , i took all points and i will work on it to improve it and back again really you help me and now i persuaded that it has too things to be improve, thanks all again and wait my theme to be seen soon :)

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