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I had seen some videohive projects on youtube by chance 2 years ago but i never bothered to have a look on the site. Few months ago DesignMilk introduced me to VH and as you see… i am here :)

oh! The awesome part is that VH has a great community! i like that…

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My story is simple. I already had few-years-experience in AE. And one day I said to myself, there must be a place where AE templates are selling. So I used google and VH was the first result. After five minutes of browsing, a big facepalm has come. Facepalm saying “why the hell didn’t you do that a few years ago”.

And I’m sure there’s still a lot of talented people who don’t know about this marketplace. But due to exposure and VH being bigger and bigger I think they’ll eventually find this place.

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One of my friend have lot of videohive previews collection in computer i was shoked who made these files all files were looks pretty amazing visualy from that day i had made one decison

that i want to become a big artist. i was actualy learning animation from degree school that days. after one year situation becomes worse for me i don’t have enough money to learning

animation then i found videohive and start making all these digital stufs and getting 40-50 rejections and now I am very happy to be a part of this creative and wonderful industry.

Portfolio 1st – http://videohive.net/user/van3/portfolio 2nd- http://videohive.net/user/CoolThink_Studio 3rd- http://videohive.net/user/drybulbs

van3 is my first portfolio in videohive after lot of work then i realize there’s something bad going on here then i thought about improving my quality raising standards. opening of coolthinkstudio and yes i realize what people wants and why people want. that was all wonderful experience for me.recently i have started a new portfolio which is (drybulb) and i know which will rocks soon. Envato gives me (learning) (earning) thank you to all the members of envato.

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No nice story yet just like to go somewhere with my Canon when I have time. :-)

Best Regards, Andrey