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adilbadshah says

I am looking to create a new brand PSD template and code it in HTML /CSS,but the thing is I have no idea for it..
Have you ever done a design before? It’s weird that you want to design something but don’t have any idea :)

Anyway :

- http://creattica.com/css/latest - http://www.cssmania.com/ - http://www.awwwards.com/


How did you use anchor here to posting a comment, could you please tell me?

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interfeis says

i usually go to http://www.awwwards.com , http://www.csswinner.com , http://www.dribbble.com . sometimes i look at http://www.wookmark.com/ . there are a lot of good stuff in there too.

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Section214 says

I suck at finding inspiration… unfortunately, my biggest source is friends/clients/etc saying “I’m looking for something that does…” and my saying “now why doesn’t that exist yet?” or “why are all the available options horrible/outdated/unmaintained/etc?”

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amritkamboj says

This is what happens to me usually. In that situation i go to some css showcase site llike http://minimalistgallery.com/ (my favourite) and get ideas of what others are doing. It helps a lot.