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osky says

which is the best choice to design a

party flyer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,photoshop brochure,,,,,,,,,,,,,photoshop or inndesig? Business Cards,,,,,,,photoshop or illustrator? Magazines,,,,,,,,,photoshop or inndesig?

I can design in both,,, but do not know how this affects sales

Thanks for your feedback

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Demorfoza says

While party flyers and business cards can be designed with Photoshop, brochures or magazines require InDesign. Period.

Of course you can design all of the above with Photoshop, same as you can paint a picture in Excel. It’s possible, but won’t be time efficient and effective in any way.

About sales – unfortunately many people expect the design to be made with Photoshop. I don’t know if it affects sales, because all my items are selling anyway. I got 2 requests and 3-4 questions about Photoshop files, so people seem to deal with InDesign projects.