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pezflash says

Found this today. Thought it could be interesting in TF. Sorry if this has been already posted here.

Direct link: http://ayudawordpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/wordpress_drupal_joomla.png


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PixelBin says

Summary: WordPress is the best, Drupal is hard as hell to setup, maintain, and find support for, and Joomla tweets a lot.

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sevenspark Moderator says

Interesting infographic, and definitely a useful overview for people trying to make sense of the CMS landscape. Though it doesn’t really address the strengths and weaknesses of each system’s capabilities. I love WordPress and I’m a big proponent of it – but depending on the requirements and complexity of the project, it’s not necessarily always the best choice. Comparing these systems isn’t necessarily apples to apples, and newbies should be aware of that as well :)