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dtbaker Volunteer moderator says

xp in a virtualbox on ubuntu so i can revert to a snapshot every time xp goes bonkers

have windows 7 in a virtualbox too but its wayyyy slow compared to xp. haven’t tweaked it yet though. wouldn’t even dream of trying vista in a virtualbox

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templateup says

vista just has a lot of ridiculous bugs that I’ve experienced like not being able to transfer more than 16,600 items before restarting or putting the computer to sleep for more than 10 hours then it won’t come out of sleep until you remove the bios battery and place it back in.

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Kayara says

ubuntu is great

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CreativeStable says

I havent used 7 but considering how fast it came out after vista, i think even Microsoft understands that vista was sucky. :P I had to use vista for a few months and I actually didnt mind it but I was mostly just browsing around and doing very basic stuff :)