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Nobleman says


I’ve bought a few themes lately and was wondering which programs the authors use to create all those comments and stuff.

For example: <!--begin container --> <div id="container"> <!--begin intro --> <div id="intro"> <!--begin header_wrapper --> <header id="header_wrapper"> <!--begin header --> They could be doing it manually, but somehow I think there must be a way of automating some of it, and also the code is so nice and clean, doesn't look like it was done manually. Thanks</div></div>
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ThemeToast says

I type that stuff out. I use visual studio.

I love indenting and writing everything myself. I’ve never heard of a program that does that for you – for custom stuff that is.

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RescueThemes says

It’s manually typed.

If you’re asking which program we use to code it, then I’m using Sublime Text 2. The Zen Coding (Emmitt) extension helps make it easier to write repeating elements.

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mitdralla says

As a Software engineer and web dev/designer. It is done manually. Yes of course there are some tools which CAN help with that stuff but it will be way to generic. Clean readable code is so awesome. And you need to do it yourself to make it look amazing.

There are coding standards to follow which help out drastically for universal understanding and cleanliness.

Here is an example for PHP: https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/accepted/PSR-2-coding-style-guide.md

Also, there are tools like JS beautifier: http://jsbeautifier.org/ which will format your code nice and clean.

But comments, are unique and should be done by hand.

I use PHPStorm and WebStorm: http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/


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Level_1_Media says

I messed around with adobe muse, but its really pointless, you have to code manually or else you wont have total control. Sublime test 2 is the way to go mate.

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DareToGeek says

I use Sublime Text 2, absolutely love it! And I do the comments manually, I think everyone does. @Level_1_media I also checked out the adobe tools they have now. I don’t like them either, doing things manually is the way to go. It gives more control, and that feeling when you just start on a blank page and end up with something awesome :) Love it!

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josweb says

I hand code from start to finish… I’ve used PageSpinner for years but I’m going to take a look at Sublime Text 2 now! :)

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Nobleman says

Thank you for all the comments and answers. I agree, writing the code manually is much better and results in clean beautiful code, like furniture and clothing.

But you have to be a pro to do it right.

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ZoomIt says

In WebStorm or Netbeans you just press COMMAND + / and voila! the line or selected block becomes commented. I could not live without this feature :D

Also, there is a formatting function, I use that and do not worry to format my code. And there are also options to customize the formatting,

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