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After I wrote the program in a computer language Basik “Happy Birthday to you” my teacher was surprised because I had no musical training.) After that, I started to think of his musical education. What about your stories?

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Haha nice… Long, long ago my uncle, who is a rapper, sold me a computer. There was a demo version of FL Studio 6 as far as I remember … I had no musical skills, but I’ve always loved electronic music, so I’ve started to play with knobs, sliders, buttons, switches, etc to gain knowledge how this music is actually made :D

After about a year of ‘having fun’ I learned the fundamentals of music theory, read a lot of tutorials, even bought my first keyboard… ;) And… in such way my passion started and is constantly evolving …

Nice thread by the way ! Looking forward to read other stories

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I’ve played music just as a hobby for many many years, but actually went to school for biology.. After graduating (and not knowing what to do next) I decided to take my chances with music. I went to school, again, for studio recording and got a job soon after! Everything else like audiojungle, gigs, and freelance has just fell into place. It sure is amazing how humble you become after making a living doing what you love.

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Growing up, we had a really nice baby grand in our house. I sat for hours just tinkering around with the keys… finding combinations that sounded ‘cool’... etc. It would have been easy for my parents to tell me to knock off the noise… but instead, my dad would come and sit and listen.

When I was around 8 years old or so, I had worked up a simple melody and a chord progression to go with it… (though at the time, I couldn’t read music, and had no clue what I was doing in the sense of music theory—just that the keys I was pushing was creating this really cool sound). As usual, my dad would come and sit by me and listen.

And he said… “That could be music like the kind you hear in movies.”

The rest is history (in the making).

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