Whose responsibility is it to have our works removed from sites distributing them illegally?

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I was looking through the license agreement regarding ownership, and it appears that we still do have ownership of our files, and Envato does not. However, I have in the past been upset at how widespread CodeCanyon applications can be pirated and redistributed illegally. My question is, if I find a website that does this, do I tell Envato to inform the pirated website owner to take the file down since they are the ones distributing it, or is this something I must do on my own time? My question basically boils down to, “What pro-active steps is Envato making to remove our files from these sites?”

I think a status update as to how many websites Envato has shut down and/or contacted the authorities about would be encouraging and show the community what Envato is doing to make our files secure.

I hope my questions/concerns come off as only that, questions and concerns, and not as an argumentative streak of frustration.

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Well as far as i know it’s our responsibility !
But you can report it to the envato support too i think
Any way check out this thread you will find more about it here.

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Hi siredesigns,

As you can imagine, there are a crazy amount of less than ethical people and sites that exist. We have full time staff dedicated to this. If it seems like it takes a while, that’s because it does. We draft legal documents, conduct research, all kinds of steps are taken to try to combat this. However, we also have to be realistic and know that this will most likely always exist, and as such we encourage users to also go out there and send notices etc themselves too.

In the end, though we can’t control what unethical people do on the vast internet, we do employ full time staff that look into all of these issues. And they do a great job if I may say so, the sheer number of reports they receive everyday is very large/daunting and we’re very grateful for the hard work they do.

As to your questions, I think I answered the first one above. :) Regarding how you should submit them, you can do both. We always encourage you to be pro-active, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send us the links too. You’ll be able to handle it faster than us as we’re dealing with thousands of reports, but we will look at it as soon as humanly possible.

Lastly, if you have any concerns or questions that relate to piracy you can contact me personally anytime, that way we don’t need to lock the thread for piracy discussion. I hope that helps some, cheers! :)

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I submitted 18 links yesterday.

And I understand it will take sometime to take them down.

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