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Skywarrior says

Dat shakin’ effeck

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templatebase says

Every theme Ive seen rejected with automated messages, is VERY obvious why it was rejected. If you sit down for a few minutes to really look at your theme and compare it to many of the top themes, its very evident whats missing.

Usually always related to:

- Poor quality overall

- Poor typography

- Inconsistent alignments/padding/margins

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LoveThemes says

Hi all, I need an explanation about that.

We are working hard, even months for a work. Envato is placing it’s commission first. We are partners already. I am working for me and (absolutely) also working for envato. Is this not important thing?

People want valid reasons for any rejections not automatic messages. It takes 10 or 20 seconds. Please. Everywhere people are talking “We are a great community.” Yes we are. I believe that too.

Best regards.

Because if they actually give you an honest critique most people would cry like a baby, which has been proved on these forums.