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allexdesign says

A month ago or so I spent a hefty price and bought a wp theme. Mostly I bought it because of “design”. Note I wrote design with ””. Well after that my comp had crashed and I lost my theme with all my other files.

Recently I went to my buying history and re-downloaded the theme only to find out the owner of the theme changed the design drastically. Now it has some ugly shaded images with black instead of clean white space. Definitely NOT what I’d purchased originally and definitely NOT what was displayed on live.

Can I get my money back or at least give me a credit back so I can buy a good wp theme that’s almost identical to the one I bought before? Btw I saw at least 3-4 other “designs” that looked identical to the one I bought. Do people just copy other’s work and change a few things in wp theme and sell them as “their own”. What’s Envato’s policy on protection author’s work?

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ikaruna says

You could contact the theme’s author and ask him if he has the older version (its possible, many authors use a versioning system).

cheers! jayc

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CodingJack says

It sucks when this happens, but in defense of ThemeForest, the ability to re-download digital goods is pretty rare in the stock world.

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CodeSwift says


Is there only one version available in the download?

Most authors include all versions inside the theme download. I think that should be a must.

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Kazeshini Envato team says

Great advice guys, to recommend contacting the author and requesting an older version that the buyer was originally wanting to use.

If there’s no luck with the author, then I recommend you get in touch with Envato support in regards to a refund, but make sure that you provide support with all of the relevant information; it makes it much easier to have the entire story so we can help you in the best way possible :)


Hope that it helps :)