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Graphic-Studio says

Besides Editorial (which aren’t allowed, currently) usage images, cannot there be a category that is limited to Advertising Usages?

Sure some items are of commercial value, but what about advertising usages?

A COKE is a COKE unless is is a Trademarked Brand of COKE .

Sales for usage as ONLY ADVERTISING seems like a broad market.

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hothoundz says


Editorial is allowed. These RF images can be used for a variety of uses subject to what the licence says.

Advertising is commercial use but, depending upon the licence terms you may or may not be able to use it for that. For example, Fotolia says that commercial use is excluded from their RF licence but you may use the image for a wide variety of other things (http://blog.fotolia.com/us/faq/main/license.html).

Coke=correct. You just have to avoid TMs and logos. So Panda Cola, Coke and Pepsi no, generic coke, yes.

RF means that it can be used without further royalties within the terms and duration of the licence it was bought under. This means that the licence can be broad-ranging. Because of this all the subject matter needs to be released. An RF licence can also be more constricted – say for example only allowing use on personal blogs and to sell web templates.

With Rights Managed you have much more control over what the image can and cannot be used for.