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Aw_Shucks says

Personally I would have thought envato would have a “team” of “paid” reviewers in house. and the review process should be lightning fast above all things.

But its the exact opposite from what I can see.

I dont see how taking around 7 days to review a file, helps this marketplace grow in any way.

Please correct me if im wrong, no pun intended.
Personally, your a member since July 2010, so stop complaining because I think you should be happy the system is the way it is. I remember the days I started and I would have been 140 out of 140 on Activeden. Waiting 6 days was something normal. As Jack and RimV said, the speed is great now. And I agree with shucks, you wanna shoot yourself sometimes when your file is on hold yet a tone of other files keep going online, but that’s the only issue with the queue. Files are still reviewed much faster!

Moving on to the next step. You may now lock this thread.