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pembo13 says

I’ve been looking off and on for a good theme for my schools ACM student org for the past few months, and all I see coming in for Wordpress themes are yet more portfolio themes. The categories in the Wordpress files are sparsely populated. Why is that?

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contempoinc says

Its as simple as whats popular and what sells, portfolio and business themes seem to be where the demand is. Creating specific themes for niche markets is tough because the ROI is so low.

Although with a little bit of know how some themes can easily be tailored to fit different markets and needs.

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Mastergreed says

That’s the problem – designers are making themes that sells. As long as Theme Forest staff won’t find a way to motivate designers for making niche themes (i.e. by additional promotion of these), no one will be making theme as it won’t be profitable.


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mehrpadin says

@pembo13: Because TF is in the wrong direction.

I came here with lots of hopes, now most of them went away. I’m sending them at least one very important suggestion a week, they always reply in a day or two, but to date they did none of them, they just say thanks, ok, sure, indeed, but after days, they do nothing, and yet nothing.

I don’t know much about UX (User experience design) but I’m sure TF designed horribly as per UX. Instead of these 80×80 icons in the list pages we need a thumbnail of the theme, anyway I’m so much disappointed so far why should I write all these here? no one listens to me anyway…

What a pitty…