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UBLThemes says

Anyway in the ocean of 100000…s of buyers being happy with current system, I guess nothing will be solved or given importance. The exact same mentality caused around more than a dozen of simple fixes / basic needs not being done for more than 2-3 years – and being almost everyday’s pain for authors and buyers one way or other way. I better go back to my work! :)

So what are you saying?

The fact that authors do not wish to de-value there creations anymore is not a bad thing.

I cant believe an author feels that there value for there creations are to much.

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VF says

^ Man, that $2 is a fixed number – not our item value! We supposed to NOT depend on that as profit. There is a predetermined price for micro-stock items by reviewer. If that determined price doesn’t gives profit for our items, well…

... realized I have works now, bye! :D

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davidsalomon says

I’ve had $6 in my balance for quite some time, and I’m looking around what to get from them ;) There’s always something useful you will find through the amazing products in any of the Envato websites!