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sixtrot says

Is it necessary to have the comment section only at the bottom of post? In terms of UX, I can see a reason for it but when a reader is reading a post what I felt was the sidebar is irrelevant so why i can’t just use the sidebar for comment section (assuming i use quite larger width for the sidebar so that comments are not cluttered)?

It maybe a very very bad idea but I wanted to know what others think!


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mikedidthis says


To me the sidebar doesn’t have enough width to showcase comments. For example, the sidebar to the right can only hold around 28-32 characters per line. That makes long blocks of text very hard to read. Ideally you want a CPL of 45-75 (http://www.webtypography.net/Rhythm_and_Proportion/Horizontal_Motion/2.1.2/)

I think comments at the bottom of content has evolved to be acceptable over time. If you read an article, you scroll to the bottom for comments. If your on facebook, you look at the bottom of the photo / status for comments. If your on Twitter you look at the bottom of tweet for comments etc.