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the_coder says

Why every time you reject project??

It’s third time the reviewer rejected my code and every time I receive the same email..

Unfortunately your submission Horo Vertical Mega Navigation Menu isn’t quite ready for CodeCanyon and requires significant improvements and changes before it can be resubmitted and reconsidered.

Additionally, we have some extra feedback for you:

The overall quality of your submission does not meet our aesthetic and technical requirements and will need to be improved before being resubmitted. Unfortunately we’re not able to provide more specific feedback for your submission at this time.

Please consider taking some time to familiarise yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.

Please see this video and give me suggestions.. http://www.screenr.com/Alp7
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CodingJack says

Hi The_coder,

Looks like the menu functions well but the design looks a bit outdated and needs a bit of work. Try checking out some of the mega menus here on CodeCanyon and also check out Dribble:


Good luck :)

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Pricop says

I agree with CodingJack, you should try to put some style on that menu, you’ve got the functionality, now go for the design part.

Good luck with it.