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HisHandiwork says

I think this landing page has some potential, good work!

One quick thing that I don’t think was addressed enough by anyone on this thread is whitespace. There are quite a few places where you need to reduce whitespace. See screenshots below:

1. http://screencast.com/t/rbUx8rBjOE9 2. http://screencast.com/t/SMFteSXI

Yup – it’s all above bud in mine and freshface’s comment :)

Yep, you had an excellent review! I guess I should have made myself more clear, what I really meant is that some of the issues weren’t addressed “with enough detail” (screenshots are more specific/helpful) with the spacing. Also, text shadows were not specifically addressed at all, nor was the “&” sign. :) Freshface only addressed the about headers.

Btw, everything you suggested was excellent! It’s great to see professional authors we can trust help other authors along!

P.S. love your portfolio, as always! :)