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ThemeBuddies says

I am confused as to what to put where in the WordPress upload. I have a theme in soft rejection right now. I need to fix a few things. No big deal. But I keep getting errors from the reviewer saying that the upload is wrong.

I put the help file in the html all files spot and I uploaded the theme to the WordPress spot. Well, the reviewer told me the upload was empty. So I added the help file and the theme into the same zip file and uploaded that to the WordPress spot and was told that was wrong also. The reviewer told me to upload the the way I did the first time. So I am a little confused.

What files are suppose to go where?

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HellasDesign says

Main File(s) – A zip file with the documentation and the WordPress theme

WordPress Theme – A zip file of your theme (only if it is for WordPress)

If you created an HTML or CMS Template (e.g. Joomla or Drupal), then you have to upload it only on “Main File(s)”.