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I was wondering: On ThemeForest there are a lot of WordPress themes with jPlayer included to play video and audio files.

But WordPress 3.6 will have native support for video and audio files. How do you authors, which are using jPlayer, are going to handle this? Are you going to use the built-in player or do you keep using jPlayer? Because it will be a lot of work to update all the themes (code, skins).

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Probably new themes will use only the native player. On old themes, will probably add the native player support but not remove jPlayer, because some of the content may need it(for users that don’t care to update content); Backwards compatibility is the key feature.

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I recently made a thread about this;


It’s not just jPlayer though, since WordPress introduced post formats, but gave authors no real way of handling the additional meta (Audio, Video, Quotes etc.) then authors are going to be presented with a really big problem;

1. Any framework (including mine) which uses custom meta inputs for dealing with post formats will become dated, this mean that all themes are going to have to be updated to use the new meta inputs that WordPress have finally decided to provide, but then there’s;

2. The data from the meta inputs of our old frameworks will also be lost, as there’s no (real) way of moving everyone’s old meta data into the new areas, now this isn’t the worst thing in the world, as the old meta data will still be properly written to the old posts, but taking those inputs away means users won’t be able to use and update the meta in older posts, also themes will need to be bloated to echo out the old meta data, and the new meta data from 3.6 – If you think of something like Avada, fast approaching 20,000 sales, this will be a BIG issue.

So here’s what i’m thinking of personally doing;

Disabling the 3.6 meta inputs, it won’t take much & then users can stick with my old framework which TBH has better meta inputs for posts anyway, when you start looking at the self-hosted-video option, which the 3.6 meta input is pretty sucky for – the only issue is I know I won’t be allowed to do this as this would essentially break any existing content created on a 3.6 install before switching to my theme…

Basically, as an author, I’m a bit stuck for a solution at the moment, i’d be interested in hearing others opinions! :)

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I think a nice way of dealing with this would be to offer the option for using the old metaboxes but strongly suggesting not to. I would personally try to enhance a native function rather than keeping users from being able to use what WordPress natively presents.

Then, if someone especially want to stick with the “old” method, he would just need to enable that. But, again, I would ship new themes with that feature off, and a nice message notifying that.

Just random and morning-ish thoughts. :)

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We will not remove our custom post-format related metaboxes in 3.6 for a lot of reasons. I find the new UI pretty confusing to be honest. There’s a lot of discussion around this feature, some people think it should be moved to 3.7 and others propose to delay 3.6 until it gets better.


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