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intohype says

Hi there,

Im looking for a Wordpress theme like this: http://brandcrowd.com/

Is there anything out there like it? If not, can anyone create it for me?

I dont want it to look exactly the same but I do want it to function almost exactly.

I will need it to be easy to customise and manage all aspects and features with Wordpress.

Look forward to your suggestions!

Cheers Matt

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BenSheppard says

You won’t find a theme that can do this nor do I think it’d be a good idea to have it as wordpress, please contact me through my profile page and we can discuss further :)

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Rajanmishra says


Can we discuss on your requirements? My skypeID is rajan_mishra1. Please have a look at our website www.nettantra.com.

Thanks and regards,

Rajan K. M. rajan@nettantra.com
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jmcguire123 says

Hi there,

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