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IndustrialThemes says

I have searched the marketplaces and I haven’t been able to find a plugin to do exactly what I need. I’m hoping that either 1) I just missed one here that can solve my problem, or 2) someone knows of one elsewhere that I can download. I don’t care if it’s free or costs money, I just need it to solve a problem for a client.

My client wants to use Wordpress to manage their Internet website, and they want to have content editors who can edit the content but not publish the post. When a page is created or edited by a content editor, an email needs to be sent to the content approver who can then publish the content. In some cases they would even need a third or fourth layer of content approvers. So, person 1 edits the content, person 2 is notified and approves it, then person 3 is notified and approves it, then person 4 is notified and approves it, then it’s finally published at that point.

Basically I’m looking for a content approval workflow plugin. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot!