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chilly_orange says

I apologize for using the term “clowns” I shouldn’t have done that… (had a rough morning).

However, I stick to my other statements. You obviously don’t value the creative process that goes into designing and developing web sites in general and Wordpress templates in particular; or perhaps you just don’t realize what takes to deliver quality web work… Either way, a $100 for a custom Wordpress theme just doesn’t fly (or at least for me it doesn’t) and offering a percentage of yet-non-existent-but-possible revenue is even further from reality…

Anyway, that said, best of luck with your project (my advice would be to move your request to Elance or a similar site:))!

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lawhater says

Thanks. I actually have released many projects via percentage and they pull through just fine. I value creativity, that’s why I came here actually. I found a designer for percent wise.

Gotta run, prepare contracts.