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BlueRainDesign says

Ok I would like to preface this by saying that I have actually looked for the answers to this question. I just cant seem to find the right answers. I think maybe that Iam so new that I am looking for the wrong terms.

Iam really inexperienced with WP so please excuse what is sure to be a ridiculous question for most of the people here.

How do you customize a home page? I understand how to make a static home page but I don’t understand how to make it look like the template’s home page. None of the sliders, column layouts, etc are included when I create the page. I have noticed that in many cases the templates here include page templates you can select to create things like portfolio and contact pages but there never seems to be an option to use a homepage template.

I don’t expect to have my hand held for this. I don’t necessarily need a step by step explanation. If someone could direct me to some resources that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.


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readactor says

to can use more many pages templates:

<?php /* Template Name: MyPageTemplate */ ?>


each page can have its own different style and code. you can assign it from admin panel: new page / template (select from drop down)