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Ok I don’t know if this is the right place and I’m sure wordpress.org would be a more appropriate place but it’s just so huge that I don’t feel like I get any good responses to big questions like this.

So here it is. My clients all seem to know wordpress and want to use it. So I build them a template and then let them destroy, errrr, customize it themselves as they add their own pages and posts.

But one consistent problem I’ve seen everyone have is using the visual editor within wordpress. I’ve upgraded them to tinymce advanced and have even tried fckeditor. Both of them make all sorts of weird code and make really lousy mistakes. I thought my clients were just being wet behind the ears so I tried a few myself (I personally just use dreamweaver and then insert or can just code it if I have problems). So I try myself to do something so painfully simple as adding an image inside a table. So I’d click in the cell, press the insert media, choose a picture and then add to post. Voilah, now the picture is pasted above the table outside of the cell? So I cut it and then go into the cell and paste it, which is still BS but I’m willing to let it go. Now I want to add an additional image below that image. So I try the same thing, I’m just going to paste the same image again. Only trouble is, NOTHING I DO ALLOWS ME TO JUST GO RIGHT BELOW THE EXISTING IMAGE ! First of all inserting the cursor in there just to the right of the image is like playing Operation. Secondly, trying to press the cursor arrows sends you all over the fricking place. And then don’t ever ever ever hit return to go around the image unless you want thirty paragraphs inside the code!!

This is just the table experience. There are other for-instances but I’m not going to go into it. I’ll save myself the pain and you the drama.

Has anyone found a way to make the internal html editor work even half decent?

FWIW one of my clients actually has been using TinyMCE on her other site that is using a proprietary CMS . She loves it and it works fine. But the TinyMCE in wordpress has her calling me every fifteen minutes.


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Tables? Huh? What are… these “tables” you speak of? New technology I haven’t heard of? :)

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I know right? but actually it was a pretty reasonable use of a table it was an exercise schedule made out in tabular form.

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The wordpress wysiwyg editor and tables is one of the main reasons we started developing our webitorcms. To hard for people to publish their own content.

“How do I make two columns of images?”

“How do I make a table with all my prices in it?”

“How do I add another row to that table?”

Customers should care about standards and valid markup, but really they don’t lol. They just want an easy to use editor like word.

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