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amarc says

Hello everyone.. I am looking to start some nice blog community with Wordpress MU, but need nice and clean desing.I really like what I see on wordpress.com so I guess I want something similar.Gray with turquoise/blue/pink colors. Also I whink they use buddypress so one could count on that. Please if anyone has experience and is willing to do this,PM/email me. Thanks

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Ivor Reviewer says

To make a WordPress theme for a community with WordPress MU you should be able to buy a ‘Web Services Licence’ Normal price 1.000$

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GhostPool says

The problem here is that a WordPress theme doesn’t have the functionality that people usually want from a MU environment.

I’ve worked with MU for a while now, designed my own themes for it and played around with a lot of MU-specific plugins. If you read this and are still interested I’ve sent you a PM amarc.