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cazoobi says


I’m looking for a designer to help me develop a wordpress website.

To cut a story short I want a gallery theme that supports buddypress, the functionality I want for the site is users to be able to upload files along with a preview they will have to be checked by admin before being posted. The index feed must just show a preview thumb and the contributors avatar and name for the post. When users click on the thumb it takes them to the full post along with a download button.

Don’t worry about graphics and CSS I just want basic as I’ll change all that, I know my request is relatively straight forward I would do it I just dont have time.

I don’t care if you use free templates and plugins to give me what I want, I also don’t mind buying one of your templates and paying you to set it up for me, I just want my desired functionality.

Contact me if you can do the above, no time wasters please


Cheers guys