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JamiGibbs Staff says
First of all, I’m not including or selling any NFL logos or team icons in the package. I’m only using team colors for the different templates and there’s nothing legally wrong with using color combinations. Just because my demonstration blog uses the NFL logo in a blog post doesn’t mean that I’m selling it with the theme… obviously.
In other words you want to sell your blog theme to have the “look and feel” of each team. You want them to be associated with the “team from each city.” That is trademark infraction all day. You are intentionally trying to infringe on their trademark without infringing on their trade mark. That can’t be done. Sorry.

So by your rationalization, the World Cup Soccer theme being sold here on ThemeForest that has skins representing team from each country is a trademark infraction too yet was approved.

I’m sorry, but I think you’re wrong.