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SherryAuthor says


I’m new here, so I will try to get it all right. :)

I’m trying to create a new website http://winefoodgenie.com/

I’m not too savvy when it comes to creating websites using technical stuff like HTML , so I need a pretty easy theme.

The sight I have now looks blah.

I would like the following:

Custom Logo Sliding header 3/4 columns that can contain links Social media icons Menu with drop downs Side and footer widgets.

Any suggestions?



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contrastblack Staff says


Well there’s quite a broad range of themes that might fit your description, best thing would be to check out 1-2 categories and just pick one up based on your initial impression, item description, and lastly, why not, user credibility (ratings, comments for that specific choice, and so on and so forth)

A relatively fresh example for what fits your needs in my opinion would be found under the Corporate category, under Wordpress. But be sure that you have wordpress installed. Most authors will agree for a small fee to help you with the basic setup, although generally that would mean waiting for them to get the time to do it, and secondly most documentations are pretty straight-forward and you could accomplish the same thing on your own.