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cunningfox says

I’m looking for a WP guru to attack a handful of items for a real estate project.

Will be built w/ WooThemes One Pager. The largest item is setting up or enqueuing a custom Google Map exactly like this one:


The map would ideally have the location and details (the information on-click) set up as custom fields for each property / listing. (property image would be featured image). Would like to use an animated marker if possible. http://codepen.io/roybarber/pen/ikzwa

There are a host of jQuery options that would work here: http://www.unheap.com/?s=map. It would need to be responsive however, something like this: http://codepen.io/khalidl/pen/ptKDk

The other most significant project will be to set up a mortgage calculator. I already have the script, it will be a case of setting up the fields so they degrade responsively within the content area and tweaking the CSS.

Beyond that there are a handful of smaller PHP and CSS items. I’m a designer with a pretty strong grasp of code language so should be painless correspondence!

Send me a PM or email if you’re interested and we can talk budget.


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SpyroPress says

You can see my profile. I am WP grand master.

Contact us at info@spyropress.com


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SamBerson says

I’d love to work with you! Check out my Envato portfolio and please contact me via the form on my profile page.