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Cara_design says

We are overloaded in the run up to Xmas (yes it has started) and one of our smaller clients, still a relatively well known highstreet brand have requested a campaign microsite build.

Due to a less than successful run with freelancers through recruiters and all of our reliable sources already being used we have decided to turn to here.

At the moment we have brief and the design work will be carried out by our in house team, with build penciled in to begin in week 2 of September.

Due to the nature of the project and in the interests of agency and client confidentiality we are unable to share details until we find someone but the basic outline is a 4 page microsite mostly built up of branded graphics plus a social (Facebook and Twitter only) integrated competition system. This is already built from a different project so it will only need to be fed into the site in an iframe but with the ability for people to enter using social connect from the microsite itself.

Obviously we require quality code and the latest standards, it would benefit from someone with an understanding of design layout as well as development and it must be a custom build not based on a theme from here .

Naturally the budget has been set to reflect this and as an agency we do understand the value of reliable and competent work.

If you feel it might be something you are able to help us with please post a link to your portfolio and email etc. We would rather work with existing TF authors but am happy to hear from anyone who can back it up with examples or references

p.s anyone familiar with Umbraco we may have something else as well but that is yet to be confirmed.

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EireStudio says

Shoot me an email if you think I can help.

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tommusrhodus says

Feel free to contact me regarding this :)


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Dzinc says

This thread is now in › Item Requests

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Cara_design says

Thank you all for the replies and apologies Dzinc for not putting it in the right place!

I passed on your details to one of our techy guys who will come back to you in the next day or two one he has more info on it.