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Tamixes says
Some quick timesavers to put you into the elite percentile of users who know how to Google http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2012/11/you-google-wrong/59013/

The image search feature mentioned can also help to track usage of your images

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ToivoMedia says

Some useful stuff there. I didn’t know about searching images like that. Seems that could be a useful way to see if your items have been posted on giraffe sites? EDIT : Looks like it is, I just searched a popular files preview image, and there were many results that had been removed because of copyright violation. :)

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Joost Moderator says

Ah, the image search. I keep forgetting about that gem :P Then stuff like this comes along and I remember it for a few months of heavy usage, only for it to slip back into oblivion weeks later.. They need a ‘are you sure you still remember Google Imagesearch’ banner on the homepage every few weeks.