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TimMcMorris says
As a composer, you never really know if what you’ve created has value, and it’s one thing to hear positive feedback from friends and other musicians, but quite another to hear it from people who have paid hard earned $$

Hey Joel,

Thanks for taking the time to write! You make an awesome point, and I feel the same way. It’s great to get feed back from other musicians and customers….what can I say, money talks. You have an awesome port. by the way….I was actually listening through some of your work earlier :)

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jhunger says

Hey Tim,

Back at you! I also listened to a couple of your songs earlier today and I really dig them – definitely It’s a Beautiful Day earned that featured file spot.

Actually, I’m interested to see how you do with songs that have lyrics. I’ve been kicking around starting a new user profile for just music with lyrics to post some of the other stuff that I do – maybe one of these days :)