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Que buen gusto tienes. Éxito!



hey, nice work mate


Thanks bud

SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wordpress version = SOLD!


Coming soon my friend!

Cannot WAIT for the Wordpress version!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! :-D


:D You’re awesome.

Want to customize. Does this come with PSD files?


I designed this theme in the browser so unfortunately it doesn’t come with a PSD. Sorry.


Are you available for customizations?

how can i send you a support ticket… it says to add purchase code but there is no space where i can add it… and i’m waiting your answer on email from 7 days… there are some short bugs that i would like to eliminate thanks.


Hi there,

Apologies for that, my support portal wasn’t working properly. Please try submit the ticket again and I will have a look at it.

Thanks, David


hmh, my last reply was 5 days ago, still waiting a your reply

seongki1 Purchased

Hell, thank you for this nice and trendy theme.
And Quick and kind support also.
I could build my shiny project and save my time and cost greatly by you.
I expect to see your great works more and more :)


You’re welcome! Glad to hear you are enjoying my new theme :)

benster Purchased

Great work! Is there a multi page version available/coming by any chance?

What about a working contact form?

+1 for a contact form! Add it and I buy your theme! :)

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Nice Template & love it. GLWS:)

Monsted Purchased

Need a little help :) Try visit my website, why will the art load so weird? Please help me out :) Website: Paey.dk



Hi there!

I don’t do support via Themeforest so please post your question in my support portal and I’ll help you :)

Link: https://parrelliinteractive.zendesk.com

Thanks, David

Hi there, The admin panel in all the pictures.. will that template or PSD be released in the future? It’d be a lovely admin theme.


Are you any closer to releasing a WP theme? I’m hanging out for it.

Hey, I purchased this theme but it doesn’t load properly when you open it on the latest internet explorer browser – looking for some assistance.


noticed there is no support articles on your support website? also is there a wp version?

Not supported any longer?

Wonderful. You did a great job, well done.