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How to insert menu icon?


You check this video it show how you setup menu http://wsgraphic.wsblogz.com/support/?p=29


Hi guys. I have a site set up at http://cityweb.lakesnet.net but the search functionality is NOT showing up. Please help. Thanks.

Hi, I bought your theme and it’s working fine, except for the revolution slider. On any version of IE, in my homepage slider, pictures aren’t fitting. It’s like they’re stretched… In others browsers, the slider is working perfectly. Did I do something wrong?

You can see my problem here : quaistraditionnels.com Thank you!

Hi ! Great theme ! I’m using it and i’ve a question… I’m using the porfolio slider as an image menu, so I put the link of the page on the image. But, I can still clic on the title under the image, which is redirecting me to the related portfolio page. Is there any way to disable this link on the text under the image ?

Sorry for my bad english :) Thank you !

Nashtad Purchased

Still having some issues with 3.9. All of them with the backend admin area

1. the sidebar elements are appearing beneath the content elements 2. if i edit more than 1 column on a page the second element seems to load the content from the first, causing me to sometimes lose the data. Only fix for now is to save after I edit each individual element (which is cumbersome) 3. when I add a new image it does not allow me to change size of image. the dropdown box is there, but it doesn’t seem to let me click on it. 4. I cannot add links to text. I can only do so through HTML code.

Is there an update for the visual editor? Thank you

Nashtad Purchased

is there a change log for what was updated in 1.2?

i can’t change the title color of the accordion. can you help me?


image upload problem after 3.9.1

Attention! This is a preview only. The visuals might differ after applying the shortcode or function on your theme due to extra styling rules that your Theme might have or the available space. Some combination of settings don’t work well, as they don’t fit together visually or are conflictual.

Last reply is 8 months ago, it’s safe to assume there’s no more support and updates. Last WP version 3.7.1


Also, the Page Builder doesnt work anymore with WP 4.1