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Live Demo?


Hi @Deagle, Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. Live preview is now working.

Online Preview?


Hi @efesuperstar, Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. Live preview is now working.

Looks awesome! Good Job (gonna buy this in max 1 week, when I get money)

Regarding the statement made by drmedia1 – I use a shopping cart solution for which there are NO templates available. HTML Ecom sites like these are desperately needed so that other users of carts that are easily integrated with templates like this have more options.

I’ve referred several users of ProductCart to Themeforest specifically to look at the offerings made by Chimpstudio because the templates are HTML only! Don’t knock it just because it doesn’t work for you!

As far as I’m concerned this is the best yet of your templates Chimp! Great work! Keep it up!!


Hi @lelady, like your positive comments and appreciate your support.

drmedia1 – I think the name of the category that this template is in, gives a very BIG hint that this is a template.

I for one think that this is an ace template and as I have the skills to develop an e commerce site around it, Its one I’d consider buying for a project.

A lot of work has gone into this it doesn’t deserve comments like yours.


Hi @j0n3s3y, Appreciate your support and positive feedback. Look forward to hear more from you.Many Thanks

Agreed! Absolutely amazing!

Guys- the quality of the work is not in question – nicely done ot be sure – but the big hint here is this – I buy a lot of product for more than 4,000 sites per year – I want products that can be loaded and running asap.

The design is good and the overall presentation is adequate, but I want a template / store that can out of the box be up running and rockin in hours now have to continue to perform surgery on it.

Those are the kinds of products I make money on. If I don’t make money off it nearly instantly, it’s a complete waste of my time.

When you evolve a bit more, you realize – less is more -

Hi, love the template!! just want to know if you can change the curency from $ to ZAR ?


lelady Purchased

One thing I didn’t like, the psd that is included doesn’t have the slices included. I like it like that because than I just change the slice and re-save it as opposed to figuring out dimensions, etc. Would be a big time saver for someone like me that isn’t skilled at slicing. I even would have paid a bit more for it if that was done.

If you have any pointers on how to do this easier, please let me know. Other than that, it is still a fabulous template!

bungii Purchased

Hello Im new…I just purchased this template, is there any additional add ons or etc. I will need to make template come to life…

Hello Chimpstudio,

I find your website project, very good but I have one question? Why the index page it take’s long time to load it?

Please advise how can I make it (to takle out some featurea) to load faster!




Very nice theme.

I want to buy it and i don’t fully understand the purchase process.

What is happening when user click Checkout ?

Do i have to write PHP script to send admin a mail with the product one wants to buy ?

Thanks, Shacham

@verunchart: No, this is just a simple template, not a script.

I bought this template few days ago but i have a problem with headings. it doesn’t show turkish characters. i think there is a javascript that translate text files to png files. but i think that javascript doesn’t work with turkish characters.


Hi@esrakavlak, It seem you having problem with Cufon script. Please visit their site and regenerate script with required settings. thanks.

just bought this and started implementing, kudos on the design, using for a auto dealership, looks good so far!


Hi @huskydog123, Thanks for liking our template. We wish you good luck with your work .

Hello Chimpstudio,

Nice sharp looking template!

On the prod_detail page there is a collapsible menu that I would like to fix in place with all sub menus permanently visible (stop it from collapsing when you click it). Is there a simple way of doing this please?


Does this do amazon. How can I setup paypal with it