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alexkski Purchased

How do I change the heading “Journal” on the blog template page to “Blog”. I’ve changed:

“elseif(is_single() || is_home()): _e(‘Journal’);”

to say Blog, however it still says Journal. Please help.


Had to make the change in the index.php file.

vs-arts Purchased

I can’t create gallery in my portfolio page. I use default wordpress gallery. When i create gallery it shows empty square in the visual editor and short code in text editor — [gallery ids=”203,202,201,200”]

Same thing on site page — i see only short code. That is the problem?


I have got two things: 1. is there possile to have two Portfolios? Because I need one for my WORK and second for my other, private ILLUSTRATION. When I create 2 pages they have the same content. Is there a way to separate content form Portfolio?

2. How can I get rid of section in Projects: Client:Personal Services:Branding, Video Date:April 2014 LAUNCH PROJECT

thank youfor answer :)