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Does this theme work with WP 3.7?

Hi there, love you theme but I noticed a weird bug in Firefox. I’m trying to understand if this error is theme based or an issue with Mozilla.

The social icons bar only loads in Chrome and Internet Explorer but not in Firefox. It worked for about a day and it stopped.

See screenshots:

http://imgur.com/KY19sDN http://i.imgur.com/ekpiBwB.jpg

The site is on: http://tinyurl.com/ofv2qcm

I tested it to see what it looks like via Screenfly and ViewLikeUs and neither one of them showed the social icons bar so I’m a bit confused over how to approach this error.

Here is a listing of add-ons I am using for Firefox and plugins for WP. Not sure if any of these are causing this conflict but I figure its helpful to know everything:

WP Plugins: http://i.imgur.com/zhVQ8dm.jpg Firefox Addons: http://i.imgur.com/VgYTkhu.jpg

Thanks for your help!


I actually answered my own question..

Adblock Plus 2.4 was the culprit. Disabling it brought back the social bar. Sorry for the false alarm. Hopefully this helps out others who run this add-on.

Cheers on a great theme!

Does this theme work with WP 3.7

I was surprised to find there’s no support for this theme anymore.

No support? Really? Weak. I wish Envato would do something about this. It’s a shame to have to spend money on themes that get abandoned.