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I Don’t want this to show up on the pages I create after the title:

January 19, 2015 by helenthomas1@ozemail.com.au

Also don’t want this to appear on the pages:

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How do i get rid of this on the pages?


See the previous comment.

Hey wrwipeout, Just downloaded the theme for a new installation. I did not get any of the demo content. All i get is a blank page, main image not showing. I am need help buddy. I’ve been using this theme for about a year and it have worked great for me but can’t get my head around the updated version.


You still have to follow the documentation. In the process, you will need to set your static front page in the settings.


Thank you, resolved.


Perfect :)

is there a file containing the sample content? Can’t find it in the zip file.


Found it, but the dummy xml doesn’t include everything


It gives you everything but the images. I purchased those from Shutterstock.

Hello, good afternoon. We have installed WPLM plugin, and now we have our web site with two different languages. But we are unable to put the change-language box in the header. We put it there, and it’s displayed, but links don’t work, you can click on them but nothing happens.

Thank you.


Can you email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com with a link to your site?

Great theme! Is there a way to display a video instead of an image for the slide background? This solution would be very helpful. Thanks!


Not without custom work. Sorry about that :)

I submitted a support form but I haven’t heard back. Some links on my site’s menu don’t scroll to a section when clicked even though they are setup exactly like the ones that do work.

There are a couple of javascript errors on the page. I’m not sure what to do to correct this issue.

The site is www.earlpub.ca

Can you please help asap?




The links appear to scroll for me. Are you still having this issue?

Hi, before I purchase the template I’d like to know if/when you will support Wordpress 4.0+ ?


Its now Wordpress 4.0+ supported.

Love your theme. Did a little customization for my needs but it serves its purpose. Had a bunch of positive comments.


Thanks! Thats good to hear. :)

How do i disable the single page version?


By creating changing the settings > reading back to the default setting.

can the menu items be linked to a photo, to show picture of food item?


Yes. Thats a part of the shortcode and is in the documents.

Can the header background be changed within admin panel? we need a white background for our logo.


You will have to do that via the theme. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I can give you more help this evening.

I do not have the ‘Navigation Menu’ option under the ‘Iron Bull Settings’ tab in Wordpress. Does anyone know how to get this option? My menu is not functioning properly.



That was removed in a recent version. You can email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and we will find a resolution.

longaf2 Purchased


Quick question, I really want the home menu to be located on the left side of the screen rather than the traditional top. Is it possible to do this with the theme?

Cheers! Amy


Yes but you will have to modify the theme’s css. This isn’t an out of the box feature.

Hello, under “events” you can put the image with link action by calling a photo gallery? How to do?

i created a menu and attached it to the header menu section. It goes to all my front page menu options but the blog link doesn’t go anywhere. Can you tell me how to get this to work? Also when I include a featured image for the page it appears correctly on the desktop version but on the mobile site the background is not under the section. Is there a way to get to to appear with the section and not above the section? Thanks for your help.

1) the “basic settings” section wont upload a image. It just disappears after uploading…....also does not show up on front page i.e: burger image with text.

2) the “navigation menu” does not show up in WP admin. What is going on?? How do i make a navigation menu in this thing.


Okay I got the menu up – but it’s not scrolling down to linked page. Nothing happens when clicked.

Is it possible to open another single-page within the one-pager without navigation?

For unimportant but long infotext for example. Could be useful, alternatively a html-popup plugin? Just want to know if there is a function implementet.