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Carefull. The Live Preview is showing a threat warning on Chrome. Probably some external image you’re using.

Hey sirkong,

Thank you for the heads up! Unfortunately I can’t experience what you’re describing. Every image is uploaded trough the media library, so I doubt that would be the problem.

Could you please give me more information, to help reproducing the warning you get? Thanks

It’s still complaining. It says it has content from a malware distributor. I’m using Goggle Chrome Version “23.0.1271.97 m”. I leave you a screenshot. It’s in spanish, sorry!

Dear sirkong,

I’m so grateful for your help. My server has been violated, but I could fix it (thanks to you for announcing the warning). There shouldn’t be any warnings now.


Hello virtualsense,

When I try to upload the beautiful mirage theme on wordpress I get the error that the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Is there someting I can do to fix this? (I’m using the original download.)

Thanks for you time!

Hello GROOT,

This is the Mirage HTML & CSS Template. If you want it for WordPress you have to get Mirage – Premium Responsive WordPress Theme.


Thank for you help. I got it!

Im a bit sad, the wordpress version is so much better than this one now, and I’ve owned this one for many many months.

Specifically, the removed box layout (stretched header and footer) are SOO much better.

Do you have a saved copy of the HTML layout before you turned it into wordpress that you could send to me? It would make me very happy!

Hi, I have just purchased theme and noticed no PSD files, can you email me the PSD files perhaps? My email is ... Thank you.

Hi. Only two doubts:

- How can I disable the field “Description” at home? - How can I disable “Commentaries” fields (Leave a Reply) from all the pages?


has does this template include rtl css ? i need rtl css. can help me ?