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Great work! Congrats :)

Nice Design.

Nice gaming template! :)

Looking very interesting. Well done! Congratulations and good luck 8-)

awesome work.. good luck with sales :)

your HTML/CSS code is awful… It works for Wordpress but if you want to change something it is a disaster.

How can you work within this hell? You should clean it up and please do not use that much javascript… I want to use this layout with bootstrap and jquery only but it is not build for that.

less is more sometimes.

What is the difference between this and the Ultimate version?

This are the HTML/CSS files only. The ohter is the Wordpress theme ;)

Very bold and modern. Nice work!;

Hey we are trying to change the size of the content box on the blog left side bar theme. with no luck so far. The main goal being so we have the background visible behind the blog.

Hmmm simply drag it bigger? What’s the matter?

Now do i need bootstrap or no?

This theme is 2.3

I mean, bootstrap is already incorporated, so you dont have to do anything


is there a way if i did get it to move the header bar to the very top so that there is no space between the top of the page and the header, also can you get rid of the very top bar that says login search and has the WordPress logo

that wordpress bar is only when u login on wordpress as admin, not the users. You can but you will need to code it a bit

Hey, Is it possible to get a clean .psd version of this design? I bought it but the coding is so awful that I can’t even edit anything… I can’t make stuff working without including ALL of the js files ( there are a lot of them… )...

Would it be possible to integrate this into phpbb forum system?

nop, its a totally different system

Great work! But can u send me the unformated css file? its all in one line…!!

I man the main.css :)

I mean the uncompressed css files

go to css folder, you will find it there uncompressed, idk what you are opening it with, use a normal text editor

Hi. I can’t expand top menu on responsive layout. any advice?

Sorry, I was wrong. everything is ok,

excellent work buddy!!!

As someone has said above. This is a really poor effort to convert your Wordpress theme to a standalone version.

Your CSS/HTML is awful, You have so much inline CSS it’s unreal, you have hardcoded CSS that links back to your site for images in your wordpress uploads directory.

What a mess. How do I get a refund!?

Sadly this HTML is made for WP and is nowhere near tidy, i was planning on making a custom site with this but just gave up and got a custom design.