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Hi Pixelthrone,

I’m experiencing a little bug and I hope you can help. When on a mobile device trying to scroll down, the background scrolls up and then when I release the screen, the background jumps back into position. This is kind of ugly. Do you have a sollution that my background won’t scoll in any way?

The background problem js still appearing on my samsung note 3 with the stock internet browser.

The website is migrated to http://quickdesign.nu

Sorry for the delay.
Please use my forum so we can talk better.

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Hi Pixeltrone, How do change the lightbox so that when I close a portfolio item, it goes back to the previous page i was viewing rather than the “works” page?


I am sorry, but for do that you’ll need to change some javascript code.
Unfortunately it is not something simple to explain.

hi guys, I’m about to set up my new website with Panic Station but before I do, I’d like to know if you’re going to release an update any time soon ?


Denis Paul

Hi, it’s me again with the same question; so, any official date for the next Panic Station theme update ? Thx… ;-)

We are still working in the new plugin.
It will be the basis for create the page content.

It will probably take a few weeks.

Obrigado. Então, ainda vou esperar algum tempo ;-)

Visual composer license key does not work, “Invalid liense key. Please check information in your envato profile.”. And it’s the right one, if these (https://wpbakery.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=524307) are the right instructions? How do I proceed? It’s not activated somewhere else and i followed the instructions.

Kind regards,


The theme have the visual composer included but with extended license.
Only we have the license, you only have license for the theme.

Soon your theme license does not allow you activate the visual composer.
I’m sorry but this is how the ThemeForest works.

Okey, thanks for the response.


How do I add a sidebar/widget to my site? The blog sidebar does not work, the stuff I put there does not show up on the site.

I want to have a image/text under the menu on the left. How do I add a widget there?

To add new widget: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0fa4amgkd1

You can only put widget on the blog sidebar.
The other pages do not accept widgets.

Thanks for the help!

Hey again,

How do I remove the icon holder from the icon box? I attached a screenshot!

Thank you in advance!


The website is behind a “coming soon” site, so I would have to give you the password in private to the wordpress. How do we do it?

Allright, done! Thank you.

How do I get the logo bigger on my website?


I’m sorry but I see a coming soon page.

Send me your wp login to see the site.
Send by private message.

I sent a private message. Thank you!


Grenkox Purchased

Hello I have a problem with the images of the portfolio, if I put more than 14, the last one appears in a second row, moving the design of the site

here is the link where you can see the problem, please select “Pool Halloween Party 2014”

Thank you

I’m sorry but I see everything ok.
Here the printscreen as I see:

Send me the print screen the way you see.

Hi, Sorry for the delay, I have a health problem that has left me more absent from work.

I see that you need to update your chrome version, can you do it and try again, I see everything ok here, can you tell me what is your chrome version?

Hi Pixelthrone,

I’m interested in your WP Template panic station, but I would like to know first, if it’s possible to disable the white bar which appears while hovering the menue? Just by clicking checkbox or something else in dashboard?

Thanx, ...nice theme!

Sorry for the delay, I had a health problem that has me away a little bit the work, I hope now able to answer with less delay.

The theme does not have this option, you would have to add a custom css to remove it, but it’s something simple where I can help you.

Hi, Is it compatible with wordpress 4.2.2?

Sorry for the delay, I had a health problem that has me away a little bit the work, I hope now able to answer with less delay.
I have not had chance to test yet.

any idea when it will be ready? thanks

Hi, Sorry for the delay, I have a health problem que has left me more absent from work.

Unfortunately not.

Hi, thanks for this very nice theme.

Just one small issue, on my portfolio (“Works” page) if i open any of our works the permalink is always the same, the page’s permalink http://2form.fusionidea.com/works/

I noticed that in that way the background image is a bit zoomed and sometimes too much zoomed, in order you can understand better I put the same bg for “Wrightview Drive” and “Wonder View Drive” and in second case is enormously zoomed.

If I insert the real permalink structure of the second portfolio work that should be http://2form.fusionidea.com/ourportfolio/wonderview-drive/ everyghing is perfect.

I updated the permalinks in Theme Options and in admin Settings but nothing changed, still open all protfolio works with the permalink of the page.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much.

Can someone please try to respond here?