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I have a couple client logos that are roughly 500px by 100px in size. All the client logos I’ve used have been set to a height of 100px. These longer ones resize, which is fine, but they also align with the top of the carousel. I’d like to have them vertically centered. Is that possible?

Hey there,

Sorry, there’s no easy way of doing this other than to add some blank space to the top and bottom of the logo in the image file itself, which will do the trick :)


I purchased this theme several weeks ago and have never been able to locate the documentation/manual for the theme. I need to have this. Please let me konw how to access it . I have downloaded the them several times hoping for an update but have not been able to find the documentation/index file the web directs me to. Please send me the documentation in a separate file so I actually have it.

I looked in <themeforest-6870792—slowave-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme> and extracted the files and looked through all of them several times but did not find any help file. I found a couple of index. files in the documentation folder of v1.1.1 but they opened to only a line of text gibberish.

Pam Mortenson dave@davemortenson.com

Purchase code: b2c7fb35-5aea-41f8-94e4-bd764a0dc959

Hey there,

Open the index file with a web browser, you’ll get full documentation.


Hi there.

I have used both marble and zonya (your themes) and they are really good theme with fantastic support. Now I am thinking of this one for another client. A few presage questions:

1. When there are more than 3 team members does it list them all on the same page or is it a carousel?

2. Is it possible to have the social and phone/email listed on top like your other themes?

3. Seems the tabbed content is not working on the demo site. Can you add a colour behind the tabbed content so it separates it out from the background?

4. Can you do a carousel with the portfolio on the homepage (like your other themes)?

ALSO Can you remove the whole widgets area on the footer.

Actually I’m too excited to wait for an answer. I think I’m just going to buy it. I trust very much how you have worked with me in the past! and I imagine you will tell me to post in the forum :)

As always, if you have any questions, just leave a ticket and Danny will be there to help :)


Live Composer has recently been updated. Is there an easy way to update it within this theme?

Hey there,

No, early in the plugin development there was a large change to the way the plugin handles text areas which would have invalidated a lot of users websites using Slowave, sadly because of this we had to break from the regular plugin path and merge updates with our own version. We now update the plugin within the theme as needed.


In lieu of that, when is the next update coming out? I only ask because we’re using Yoast for SEO, and in the latest update of Live Composer Yoast is able to read text areas for SEO.

Hey there,

I’m afraid this is a feature we will not be able to merge because of the way that Live Composer has changed content handling for this, the only feature that Yoast cannot use with the theme is the keywords checker, there’s plenty of online tools for this however: http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density/


Oops, editted too soon.

I keep getting an error with the Google Fonts plugin installed, can’t use the Customize panel at all.

Ahh gotcha now! Cheers for pointing that out. I’d installed the Google fonts plugin straight from the link provided – it appears that it was incompatible with Wordpres 4.0.1; upgrading to the latest version of Wordpress fixed it.

Ok one last problem – it’s not giving me the Typography controls for the menu, just the Heading items only.

Hey there,

For the menu just add the following to the plugin options as a new selector:

.nav a


I purchased this theme this week. I want to have the social icons in the footer and nav bar in the header on the same page. It seems that only the social icons exist in the footer in the single page view, however, the nav bar won’t show in the header in this view for some reason. What is the best fix for this?

Hey there,

Drop a ticket with your site URL, we’d like to take a look at this: http://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com


It isn’t live. Where can I send you a private message with the login info?

I just want the single page to have both a nav menu at the top in the header and social icons in the footer. Every theme I have used before has offered this feature out of the box. Please explain an easy way in which to do this. It should be a very basic feature that is easy to use. I read the documentation and it isn’t clear.

Hi there,

Your theme is fantastic for no designers and so easy, congrats!

However, I have some kind of problems with some modules. For example, I try to change the text in a tab with an icon and I can`t be able to change it. In styling options, after clicking in options, I have any content or options :(

Do you know what kind of problem should I have?

Thank you!

Hey there,

For all support, use a ticket: http://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com


Hi I’ve just started getting the following Error on my site running this theme:

Error: SecurityError: The operation is insecure. Source File: wp-content/plugins/ds-live-composer/js/front-plugins.js?ver=4.2 Line: 2

I reinstalled live composer from the most recent release of your theme and updated all of the theme files but I am still getting the error. Can you please let me know what could be causing it? Do I need to update Live Composer with the most recent release from codecanyon?

I’ll respond to your ticket.


Hello, were any change made to the Slowave Accordion to allow for the addition of HTML? At some point I was able to add links but am no longer able to :(

Please keep all support questions to our tickets, I notice you have one open already, we’ll be responding soon :)

Actually I figured it out per one of your other responses; add the html in the editor and it will appear formatted once published. Thank you :)

Oh cool, yeah you’re right, thanks for clarifying that here, really appreciated :)

Is there going to be a security update for this theme soon?

1. How quickly do you guys usually get back on theme customization/ technical questions?

2. Can I easily white label the theme? ex: change Theme Name under Appearance, theme folder name, theme options name

3. Can I remove components from back-end that are not needed (ex: testimonials options specifically removed from theme options and page builder)

4. A way I can hide the “Theme Options” from the admin user? I usually give admin to client and don’t want them to see the “Theme Options”

5. If I install Gravity Forms, does the theme already style Gravity Forms or will I have to do so on my own with CSS?

6. Can you guys help me add a Call to Action button in the menu, far right?

Hi Tommus

wen i try to make a contact form comes with the Page builder, reporting A module Broke. what am I doing wrong?


Hey there,

Please leave a ticket with a site URL and WP Login: http://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com


IM interested on this theme. Can make few changes on mobile version with this live composer? Asking it because I got other theme that I can decide if the object appears or not on mobile version. Thank you!

Hey there,

No, sorry.


Great theme but the live composer is a big learning curve. is there any other way to edit it rather than with the composer?

Hey there,

Unfortunately not, we appreciate the curve you mention, if you need any help just drop us a ticket here: http://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com


What version of WMPL is needed to make the site Multilingual on the one page version? Is the cheapest version enough?

You would be best to consult the WPML team about your needs.


Hey guys! Great theme! I love it. But I need to change the menu items color from white to other color and I need your help. Thank you!

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at http://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com and provide a site url. Cheers!

hey, is it easy to customise your theme?

Hey there,

That’s a pretty vague question, could you be a little more specific?


Will this come with WooCommerce ?

Around when ?

Sorry, I was thinking of the wrong theme, check out kwoon, similar style, already woocommerce ready.


Hi Tommy We are having a bizarre conflict in Woocommerce and this theme. When you go to this page: webbuzz.com.au/lead-generation and click on one of the packages half the site’s source code gets stripped away and you can only get it back via a complete cache clear in CHrome.

Have you seen anything like this before?


Hi there

For theme support please head over to our support area https://tommusrhodus.ticksy.com/

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)