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Hi, I’m very happy with your theme, but I have a question: It is possible in the fixture results, if I have 15 items show only 5, not ascending or descending?? I greatly appreciate your help. Please. Thanks!


This feature is added on one of the latest updates. Latest version of sporty is 1.8.1. If you are using an older version, please update your theme and sporty plugins.


After that look at the help documentation again to see the new fixture table shortcode and latest results box options.


thanks, I use the latest version, but in help documentarion don’t see the specific options about my question.


Did you look at the “fixtures” section? Here is an example fixture shortcode;

[fixturetable title='2013-2014' season='16' maxresult='5' order='ASC' homeaway='home' upcoming='no']

As you can see you can change “maxresult” (any number) and “order” (ASC or DESC) settings…

I purchased the WordPress version of the Sporty Theme. When I tried to install the sporty.zip file, I get an error message stating thet “the package could not be installed. The theme is missiing the style.css stylesheet.” Any suggestions?


It is weird…

Download the zip package from Themeforest again and upload it from your wordpress admin panel as it is (Don’t unzip it).

If you still get the same error message please send me your wp admin link,username and password via contact form on my profile page…

Hi, I’m having an issue when viewing my shortcodes page or any of my results pages:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method DateTime::setTimestamp() in D:\Hosting\2734495\html\test\wp-content\themes\SPORTY-WP\single-sportyresults.php on line 9

Why would I be receiving this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi, problem is on your server settings. Please contact your hosting provider;


thanks so much! I will take care of that quickly!

Hello, I am trying to add and remove widgets, but none of the widget options are clickable. What am I doing wrong?


Nevermind. Its fixed!

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Hi I am receiving the following error when trying to download any of the necessary plugins:


Download failed. Failure when receiving data from the peer

I can see all plugin zip files in FTP and I even uploaded/overwritten them manually to be sure, but still no succes…

Please help, thanks !!

hi there,

friend of mine bought this template a few weeks ago. short question: is it possible to remove the “PLEASE CREATE A SUB MENU AT APPEARANCE->MENUS” phrase above top-menu? didnt find that option.

Thank you very much in advance!



If you have any question, you should send me your purchase code via contact form on my profile page;


Thank you. I just replied your email.

Hi, firstly congratulation for the nice template that I have bought!

I have some IMPORTANT question for you and I hope you will reply/resolve to all of them!

1 – My site opens with the blog page and not the homepage (with the slider etc) as I would like, how I can risolve this? And how I bring up the main articles on the left of the homepage? I must insert some tags like “home” in the articles?

2 – How i can create a table as the same as your “our table” in the template preview?

3 – How i can delete the little up triangle that stay on the main photos, the title of the pages ecc?

4 – How i can display, in the results page, a link (to see line up/report/gallery) only for the matches of my team? For example I insert the results of 7-8 matches and I want that the user see/can click only on the match of my team: how i can do this? Also, how do I create a list of matches (a calendar) without see question marks instead of numbers?

5 – How i can modify the “a:hover” colors of the main menu, the colors that appears when i step on the menu with the pointer? (How can I change the pointer?) Same goes for the filters (“all”, “photo”, “links” etc.) of the gallery, how i can change the colors?

6 and ultimate! – how I can change that the pages-link of my site that appear like “www.mysite.com/pageid=80” and I want like “www.mysite.com/contact-page”??

Please resolve all of my question because they are very very important!! Thanks very a lot for the patience and the reply!!!



1) You should select a static page for your frontpage display;


You can use Latest Posts shortcode to add your posts to any page.

Please read the help documentation well…; http://help.wp4life.com/2014/08/20/where-is-the-help-documentation/

2) http://help.wp4life.com/2014/05/04/how-to-create-tables/

3-4) These features are not available. If you need customization;


5) Theme colors: Appearance->Theme Settings->Colors.

Gallery plugin colors: Plugins->Gallery Settings.

6) This is a Wordpress basic;


Hi egemerd, I’m looking for a wordpress theme for my sportsclub and this preview looks really promissing. Before I am going to buy it, I have a question. In the preview I see that some colours of objects and text seem to be linked (like the colour surrounding the text ‘Official Website of My Team’ and the colour of hyperlinks (and maybe more?)). Can I change these colours indiviualy? The colour around ‘Offical Website of My Team’ will be yellow if I would be using this theme, but hyperlinks (and mabye other text) will be unreadable if they will be yellow too. Thank you in advance!



Sorry but no. You can’t change these colors individually. For example, If you change red with yellow from theme settings, all red elements in the theme will be yellow. The only way to change each element’s color one by one is adding custom css codes and if you don’t have enough css knowledge you can’t do this by yourself.


Great Theme! I am installing for a client and will be in non-English. I can not find where I would change the text “View All” from the home page below the three posts. I need to change the language. Could you please tell my the file I would edit.



Never mind, sorted.

This looks like a great theme – good work. I have a pre-sale question. I need team stats on the website and would prefer to use Table Press, since it is open source and full-featured. I need to be able to import Excel files into the tables, which TablePress does. Do you know if this theme has any conflicts or issues working with TablePress?




Sporty is compatible with Tablepress. For example, following demo page was made with Tablepress;


Great! This is what I needed.

Hi, 5 questions (see the photos)

- 1) I wish that in the Flex Slider to access the content of the slide I shouldn’t press the photo but the title of the description-box. How can I do?!


- 2) Having added a page a bulleted list, modifying it graphically (“menu, ol, li” parameter) I also changed the mainmenu graphic. Now how can I only change the menu graphics without changing the bulletted list graphic again? Also changing the padding of the mainmenu – “slamming” the last section on the far right – how can I change the width of the submenus list as the same as his relative on mainmenu? (like Stagione, of mainmenu, and Risultati, of relative submenu, in the photo instead)

bulletted list: http://s28.postimg.org/yll4105p9/bulletted_list.jpg Menu-Submenu list: http://s12.postimg.org/xw3kc40ct/menu_list.jpg

- 3) In the news, I can put the title (graphically like Quid Incurreret) and date of the article under the photo instead of inside?


- 4) How can I put a principal image also for Tag, Category and Search Result pages?

- 5) Modifying the menu padding, it always remains an empty space on the right, how can I solve it?


Thanks a lot!


Great! Thanks a lot, regards.


ah! The ultimate thing: where I can modify the texts “Read More” and “View All” instead of article blog list?

Hello! Love the theme! Trying to get everything all set up and am getting the following error message when attempting to activate the Dysania Grid Gallery: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare filter() (previously declared in /home2/southgc1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-online-store/core.php:319) in /home2/southgc1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dysania-grid-gallery/gridbox.php on line 37

I purchased yesterday and am using the most current version of the theme as far as I can tell. I also manually uploaded the plug in via FTP to no avail. Any suggestions? Best, Renegades


Thanks so, so much! I’m not using the online store plugin so I’ll try deactivating that first. Appreciate it!


That totally worked. Thanks again!


You’re welcome :)


I’m considering this theme for a website for an Australian Rules Football club. I noticed this sport is not one that is listed that this supports. Can it actually support it? Is the scoring system and premiership table system a restriction on updating the fixtures/results lists?


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is it possible to use multiple email addresses in the contact form? I didn’t found something about it in the knowlege base.

Thanks for your help so far!

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Hey, found everything and replaced it. There is no error massage but also no mails where delivered…

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Hi again :) I have an issue when using the fixture shortcode: I have a season with 26 games but when I display the whole table it only shows the first 16 or 17 (ascendent order). I have tried to create a new result one day after the last one displayed and it doesn’t show. I have changed the date of this result to one day before and the legitimate 16th result disappears. I can see in the code ‘posts_per_page’ => 99 but somehow it is truncating at 16.

Can you please help?

You can see the issue at: http://cbelda.com/resultados/#tabs-11 http://cbelda.com/resultados/#tabs-13


You are using a very old version of Sporty ( Version 1.6 July 24, 2014 ). Latest version is 1.8.1. So first of all, please update your theme and sporty plugins;


After the update, go to the seasons page. You will see the new shortcodes with new options. Use these shortcodes instead of the old ones. You can look at the updated help documentation again for the new features.

You can see the update history at the bottom of the item description page;

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Hi, is there an easy way to remove the “Report” or “Buy ticket” button in the Latest results box on homepage ?? Or should I do this in homebox.php ?

Thx in advance