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Hi, I am receiving an error on my page running on localhost. This error occurs just with this template. Other templates are ok.

ERROR 521 RAY ID: 20D7C6379C310AA2 • 2015-07-29 09:25:03 UTC WEB SERVER IS DOWN You BROWSER Working Prague CLOUDFLARE Working uijquery.org HOST Error WHAT HAPPENED? The web server is not returning a connection. As a result, the web page is not displaying. WHAT CAN I DO? IF YOU ARE A VISITOR OF THIS WEBSITE: Please try again in a few minutes. IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF THIS WEBSITE: Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not responding. Additional troubleshooting information. CloudFlare Ray ID: 20d7c6379c310aa2 • Your IP: • Performance & security by CloudFlare

Whats wrong? Could you help me?

As mentioned in the message, there is a problem on your server.

If you have any other question you should send me your purchase code via contact form on my profile page;


I know it says there is a problem on my server. But I was trying to run in on localhost and also other online web hosting and there was still the same problem. When I changed the template, everything worked fine.

Right now, everything is ok . It just started to work fine again.

I will be totally honest with you. I found your template on the internet. I think that this template is the best for my purposes. But I wanted to try it first, before buying it. So I know that everything works. When everything will be set up and working I will make purchase for sure!

Now I just dont know what happened today. Because how I said. Both localhost and online hosting had the same issue. I didn’t change any code. It just happened by itself over night. Also it has fixed itself right now.

So do you have any idea, what could go wrong?


Buenas tarde me voy a decantar por esta plantilla…..una vez realizado el pago…..como me la haceis llegar ..gracias


mgragg Purchased


First off I love the theme. It works very well with everything I want to do with my site and it’s very easy to use.

I guess my question has more to do with the coding but is there a way to change it so the logo is in the center of the navbar instead of on the left above the navbar. I’ve looked up a number of php coding edits to do so but none of them seem to work and I was just wondering if you knew if this was possible or not.



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Thanks for the help. However is there a way to make the logo in the middle of the navbar. For example: tab tab tab logo tab tab tab

Thanks again


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Actually, I just figured that out. The only other problem I have now is that my Flex Slider doesn’t work. I set it up in theme options but then it doesn’t show up as on option for any page. The Zeus Slider works just fine though so I was wondering if there was something I needed to do different for the Flex Slider to show up.


You should upload images to the flexslider and you should create a page with a homepage template. Please read the help documentation well (Sliders);


Buenas tengo problemas con el slider ?¿ http://algecirascf.org/ me puedes comentar algo, gracias ! me gusta mucho la plantilla!

good afternoon, I have a problem because I want to put news and flex under the results came sider … as default …. blog, I followed the pasos..pero not how, can you help me … thanks … I link my website: www.algecirascf.org


You can use “latest posts” shortcode;

[latestposts number='3' viewall='true' categoryid='']

Please look at the help documentation (Shortcodes).

Hello. I was not aware of this information, thank you very much for everything

Good day,

Do you have a sample site: volleyball?

Hi! I’m using the sporty theme for half a year now. Working well so far. The only thing that annoys me a bit, are the titles of “flex pictures” that appear not under the image, but actually over the picture. On mobile phones it sometimes looks like half of the image is covered with the title. Is there a way to actually see the complete image and having the (sub)title added under the image and not over it?

I uploaded an example: http://tennis-trier.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-20-37.png

Same thing with blog post images where the post title sometimes coveres half or more of the image, makes the picture look weird and also lets little space to click on.

Would be great to have just a simple option with a clickable image and clickable title unter the image. Just simple.

example: http://tennis-trier.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Screenshot_2015-08-09-17-21-39.png


I want translate the months http://cdcmoscardo.es/ but with plugin loco translate i cant.

Hi, I don’t see any purchase data on your profile. You should send me your purchase code via contact form on my profile page;


I bought the theme with other profile…


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How can I prevent my background image from resizing when the window is resized? The demo shows that the background does not scale but when I upload an image, it scales. Thanks!


If you used the standard wordpress background feature (Appearance->Background) delete that image and use the Appearance->Theme Settings->General->Background Image field to add a responsive background image to your website.


Crys14 Purchased

Perfect! That worked. Thanks so much.

HI, is it possible to show a different logo for mobile screen? Thank you.


Sorry but no, there isn’t any feature like that. If you need a customization;


I have a presales question: I want to know if it is possible to output the date and time in the fixtures page. I only see home – result – away. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, already found it in one of the comments! Anyway, thanks :-)


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Hi, I really like your theme for my basketball team. But before buy it I want to know one thing. I can only put my videos in the YouTube TV page? Or can I put a YouTube playlist with videos from different users instead?

Regards from Argentina.


You can put only your videos.

I am having trouble getting mobile menus to show up. How can I fix this?

Can I use visual composer with these theme? Please respond as fast as you can:) Have a meeting tomorrow!

Sorry but no

Ok, thanks for fast reply! Does any other drag and drop plugin work? Like Page builder?

Sorry but I didn’t test any page builder plugin with the theme so I don’t know…

Hi I am ready to buy a license but my team has several categories (senior, junior, kids, etc…) so I have to make sure that I can manage rosters, fixtures and standings for each of them. Then, do you have Sticky Menu option?

I have to present the project today… can I have an answer? (I wrote you the same question last week with no answer)

Does anyone have experience with archiving past seasons to make room for the coming year? I’ve emailed through the contact form and not gotten a response so was hoping the community might have some input. I still want past seasons to be accessible but not main. I’m hoping I don’t have to create a whole new navigation structure but am thinking I might. Thoughts from the community? How have you handled this?

Hey I have a presale question: The width is set to 960px. When I change the width from 960 to 990 the body doesnt expand, only the top line above the header. Is there a way to expand the body by 30px? Thanks

Hey, I’ve got a general question. Does your template use the WP Club manager plug-in?

Hi, no it doesn’t


Can you please advise how to add “UPCOMING MATCHES & LATEST RESULT” widget on home page, as on demo website home page below slideshow.

Please also advise how to FIXTURE table in sidebar of homepage as on homepage of DEMO.


Hi, I replied to your email.