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Been using this theme for a full season for my American Football team and I must say it’s AWESOME!!! It does everything we need. It’s easy to update, and give us look that stands above some professional teams in our city. Thanks guys for the great work!!


Thank you very much!

Please don’t forget to rate it ;)


Hi, this is a great theme and recommend it highly.

Just had a quick question – gone through the help documentation and can’t find the answer. We would like to extend the header image on our site so that it covers the whole area (can be seen on www.goldhawksbasketball.com). Please could you advise how this is possible?



Please look at the following article (Full width header image);


Hi, I am thinking about purchasing this template. I have one question. Is it possible to sort out just matches of one season on the main page?

Lets assume that our theme is playing 3 different seasons at the same time, but we want to show results of just the main season. The rest results would be sorted in fixtures.

My friend is using this theme so I looked into the code and found this

$args = array( 'post_type' => 'sportyresults', 'posts_per_page' => $maxresult, 'meta_key' => 'sportymatchdate', 'orderby' => 'meta_value', 'order' => 'ASC', I guess I have to modify this section… I tried to add 'term_taxonomy_id' => '19',

The number 19 is the id of the main season. But results on the mainpage are still sorted from all seasons.

Could you help me? Thanks!

Hi, I’ve already bought the theme and I’ve a request; I’d like to insert a photo Gallery in each result, so when I open the page of the match I can see the Gallery in the page. Is it possible? Thanks

No, it displays all images in the gallery. You can create as many gallery as you want…

Please read the help documentation to see all available options. You can also look at the knowledbase for other tips. For example;

Really? I’ve read the documentation and the knowledbase and I’ve found this article: http://help.wp4life.com/2014/09/11/how-to-limit-the-number-of-gallery-items-in-a-page/ It seems that is possible to limit the number of slide…

Yes, it is possible with a customization. I meant there isn’t any option in the original shortcode.

As I said you can look at the other knowledge base articles for other tips but you should be very careful when you are going to edit codes…

Hi! I have a problem in the responsive mode. I’ve used the homepage fullwidth template and the responsive page buider plugin to build my homepage: I have a responsive view on desktop and tablet, but on smartphone I see all the homepage’s contents in a third of whole width of the screen. Could you help me?

Sorry I’ve found the problem… the problem was my header image, conditioning the width of the layout. How can I insert an image in the header (not a simple logo) without any lost of responsive? Thanks!


Following article may help you (full width header);


Perfect! Thanks!

Hi, I have a small question :

Is it possible to change the text “Read More…” which is at the bottom of all articles, for an another text ?

other than that, great template ! Very good job :)


You should translate the theme and the plugins. This is the only way to change these static texts;


Okey, I will try that, thanks !

Hi there, really like theme and want to purchase. It’s not actually for a club though so am I able to edit the homepage to leave out the Up & coming matches and latest results section? So just the blog articles.. Other question : are you able to add videos to the blog as well as images or are video uploads just for gallery?

Many thanks


1) You can remove that section

2) Only featured images will be displayed on the blog page.

Sorry last question, I’d like the accent colour on the website changed to orange, is this easily done? Thanks

Yes, you change the colors from theme settings.

Ok great, thanks for the replies :)

Hi I need a league table theme, but not for football. Can I edit the headings in the league tables to suit my own need? Thanks Matt


Sporty supports Tablepress. You can create and manage tables with this plugin. Tables can contain any type of data;


That’s great! Many thanks for the fast response!

hello how delete the date of post and how changing the word read more coming out on tickets


1) It is not possible to delete the date of the post

2) The only way to change these static texts is translating the theme and the sporty plugins;


If you need a customization; http://help.wp4life.com/need-a-customization/

Hi, is it possible to add the last result box in a a widget to put it into the page sidebar? Thanks :o)

Hi, sorry but no. You can use fixturetable shortcode on the sidebar.

HI! At my site to the page «HomepageYotubeWidth» ceased updated video from my YouTube channel. All the videos that were loading from YouTube channel to the site – gone, what should I do? How to return synchronization with YouTube?


I think you are using a very old version of Sporty. Sorry but YouTube TV removed on Version 1.8 August 29, 2014 (You Tube Api changed and plugin doesn’t work anymore).

I suggest you to update your theme and sporty plugins;


You can use ZeusSlider to add your videos to your homepage manually.


pberty Purchased

Hi, my sponsors logos have different sizes, so I’d like to align all them in the middle of the slider; where is the css style to insert the “vertical-align=Middle” code? Thanks


pberty Purchased

No answer in 5 days …. sorry … but when I buy a template ( and the template plugins ) I hope that the main functionalities work well; A slider that do not align in the middle all slides does not work well …so I’d claim a bit of support …please. Thanks


First of all, as described on the support page, I provide support for this item through email contact form, not comments page;


As I said before you can’t change the structure with css. It is generated by javascript. Also as you can see on my demo, images are already center aligned. If your logos have different sizes, only height of them will be different on the slider, not widths.

You can change all required values from Appearance->Theme Settings->Sponsors Box.

The problem may be your images. If they have transparent or white backgrounds and if there are blank spaces around them, they will not look like center aligned. You should crop them;

http://help.wp4life.com/2014/10/30/how-to-crop-an-image-inside-of-wordpress/ http://help.wp4life.com/2014/11/14/using-microsoft-paint-to-crop-and-resize-photos/

If you still have a problem, as I said you should contact me via contact form. Also don’t forget to send me your website link.


pberty Purchased

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll send you a contact form. anyway the problem is not the center align, but the VERTICAL align. Thanks!!

Hey guys, theme looks great, but I have two pre-sales questions: 1. Is it possible to set the header (including menubar) and footer to full width? Content should still be within the box, but I want the background-colors to be on full width. 2. Is it possible to set the menubar sticky?

In my opinion it gives the site a more modern look. I don’t want a full width background image for example. Thanks in advance!


robkab Purchased

Awful support. He has not answered emails in 1 week.

I replied to your emails 1 week ago. You should check your spam box.

Can you please check what problem happened here ? i need to fix it soon.. http://www.casalefbc.it/ look at footer and sponsor that are in sidebar and not in the right place… Thanks

I don’t see any problem…