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Unfortunately this theme is not as good as it looks, and the author does not respond. Do not buy, you will regret it if you have any issues.

Wakkad Purchased

Hi, i bought this theme and i have 2 problem :( hope to fix it :(

First, in gallery in portfolio have two arrow left and right is disabled

Second, in portfolio post i cant to add comment, “comments are closed”

How can you help me to fix this problem

Hi I’m having an issue with the import, please can you take a look? I have submitted my log-in details here: http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/


no reply???

frnlnz Purchased

everything now is ok! i’ve done everything whit this theme. only one thing, maybe the most important, i am not able to import images in the post, i can only set the featured image but i would like to have a featured image and other image in the post but when i click ok “import media” and i select the photo to import i don’t see it with the text. can you help me please???? it’s a bug of the theme?

no reply??

I’ve had an email saying that my problem was sorted but nothing has changed, can someone get in touch as soon as possible please?

It is this theme compantible with WooCommerce?

tydormi Purchased

I am having an issue with things being hidden and not showing up or displaying properly. Site is – dormicreative.com

Profile/Homepage – Actually ok, had to use !important opacity to get page titles to appear. Services – none are appearing and the testimonials at the bottom don’t scroll and they for some reason stack. Portfolio – Nothing appears Resume – Alignment issues with some elements Contact – No contact info appears.


Hello. I just bought this lovely Wordpress design andI have a simple question. When I upload my work to the portfolio, I would love that you could see the work in a higher quality than the small window that opens. Besides that, the window crops my image (So it’s not really the real work anymore).

What can I do?



Can you give you’re website link?

Thanks Jasdeep


I have just started today, but yes sure.


You can see the real picture on my deviant site: http://nkmadsen.deviantart.com/art/Landscape-Of-Mountains-509226782

As you can see the pic is being cropped so the full size is not shown. Futhermore I would love to get it shown bigger :D

incirni Purchased

when I create a page blog, in a site I can see image img/blog/post_preview_01.jpg”

bat I don’t know how I create it

How to import dummy data? can anybody help?


I just imported the dummy data but not able to locate the home page. Reply soon … if not then what other options do we have here?

Hey there

I’m looking to have my portfolio items act as blog posts, that is to link to post pages. I enjoy the way the portfolio page displays content, but I want to post full blogs. Is there any ways to do this? code I could add perhaps? even if the blog acted exactly like a portfolio image but with a body of words.

Also I want to have two separate portfolio pages with separate ‘skills’ each for two different elements of my work. Is this possible? to have each one not display curtain ‘skills’

The last thing is that I have just ported this theme over from an already existing blog. If we can sort the first problem is it possible to carry the old blog posts over?



Hi. I am having a problem editing the portfolio page/skills. I want to add the icons to the skills I have added. Managed to duplicate the one “all” that came with the dummy content- but it seems that it is not working properly as it needs to point to the ones created from the Portfolio/skills plugin. Anyway I can add the icons one these?


Thank you


Regarding icons you need to go and edit the skills from the skills menu under the portfolio menu item in the left sidebar of the admin panel. Then in its description give the name of the icon you wanna assign and save


Hi and thank you for the answer. That worked perfectly fine! If you could tell me how to fix the issue with the logo not showing up as well- i would be very grateful

Also- the logo will not show up despite enabled in setup….

dmitriman Purchased


How do I get images to display larger when I click on them in the portfolio?