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Hi I have bought Syntac theme and when I am uploading the demo content and pasting the code in backup section, My theme is not showing same as the demo theme. the home page is not getting developed and even the menu bar is showing the functions as in the demo. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Link to the website : www.inderjeetkaurindy.com


Xernel Purchased

Hello, How can I enable the “Profile” in the home page??

Hi – I downloaded latest version of the theme and have latest wordpress and also checked to see if function_options.php file had correctly labelled log_image as logo_image and it has, yet I still cannot upload a logo image. Can you advise what I should do to correct this?


Hollgam Purchased

Hello! Thank you for developing this theme. I am facing one issue. It seems that title attributes were removed from the latest version of Wordpress. People talk about it for example here: http://wptavern.com/how-to-restore-the-link-title-attribute-removed-in-wordpress-4-2 . As a result is it not possible to add icons to menu items. Could you please update your theme? Or provide a temporary solution, as I need to finish my website quite soon. I am developing this site: http://bazilinskyy.com/

Hello Why upgrade theme options Wordpress 4.3, page disappears, you can help me thank you amend BUG. u can see the image : http://www.nichespirit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/help-bug.jpg

Hi there, could you please point me in the right direction for finding the documentation for this template? Cant seem to find it anywhere…

Downloaded the wrong file. Nevermind

Hi again, I’m having a few issues with the about me page. The name, birthday etc is not showing up? And in addition the icons are also refusing to show? Help would really be appreciated

Hello! I’m seriously considering purchasing this theme. The Resume function is simply incredible, and I’ve not seen that on any other theme while shopping around. Is it possible to provide any links where I can see what the blog looks like, and see what sort of blog post options (gallery, video, audio, etc) there are? Since the live demo doesn’t contain a blog area, I’m hoping to get a look at it before purchasing. Thank you!

Hi I have bought Syntac theme and send email asking for suport. I have a lot of problem with this theme and nobory awnser me. :/

Hi I have bought Syntac theme and send email asking for suport. I have a lot of problem with this theme and nobory awnser me. :/

Don’t waste your money on this theme. Evanto should not be selling it. The documentation is atrocious and as you can see above, the developer is no longer supporting it. Unless you can go into the code and fix it yourself, it will not appear as claimed in the demo. Basic functionality does not work. The plugin necessary to activate the portfolio section does not load into WordPress. The menu links do not link to their corresponding pages. That’s just what I’ve discovered after a day of hacking around with it. Realized too late that I should have read the comments before I bought it, but I basically threw the money into the fire.

Hello there,

I have purchased this theme from Envato Market today and it’s super great and very easy to configure. However, I have one issue is that I am not being able to assign icons to my menu and I have read the documentation as it says that I have to add the name of icon in the title attribute and I couldn’t find it??

Yes I know that but where can I find the title attribute for the menu?? I was able to add icons all over the site but not in the main menu (about, portfolio, resume, contact) ? check my site http://www.nojoudalghanem.com/

Any answer please for my question above?? Thank you.

So you need to go to menu and there on the top left there should be screen options. open that and select the title attribute. Now you should be able to see the “title attribute” in your menus below. Add you icon name there and save

Hi, I purchased the theme and set up all the information. However, I’m now experiencing a bug in the Resume Settings section. Under the area “Your Experiences”, the dropdown stopped working for each of my experiences. When I click on the “arrow icon” for each experience listed, nothing drops open. When I try to click “Add New”, nothing happens. The other sections in Resume settings all seem to work fine. As a note, I did add html to the experiences section when I was filling it in.

The site is: http://lijay.socialmonocle.com/ If you need admin access, please go to http://lijay.socialmonocle.com/wp-admin and register for an account and I will give you admin access. Please let me know your user name in the comments here.

Thank you for your help.


I’ve registered on your site, can you please add me as an admin.


Hi, I’ve added you as an admin.


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I have installed the theme and restored data however i do not get a Home page created and it looks nothing like the demo version, do i need to do anything else to get this working.



Hello jdsans! Great theme, however, it is stripping internal links on page content. Is there a way to disable this?


wedecom Purchased

Hello, the follow code is not showing the favicons: <i class="fa icon-user animated fadeInDown"> <span>Over mij</span> </i>

Is there a bug in the script?